Hi Friends! Today I celebrate the Shadow here at Tula Central, thinking how we often try to hide our shadow self and consider it not to be ok… How many lengths do we go to to be positive, kind, compassionate, giving, honest and so on? We are conditioned to honour being good and dishonour being bad. How does this fit in with human nature and the Law of Opposites? We know that there is darkness where there is light, good and bad, right and wrong, so today I celebrate the Shadow Self, because without the Shadow I cannot be Light. 

When traumatic events happen in life we plunge into Shadow. How do I consolidate forgiving those that trespass against me and myself for telling the truth and all the fallout that entails? When the truth hurts the people we love the most what do we do? We are not responsible for people, places or events yet we suffer knowing our loved ones can’t handle the truth. The hardest thing to do is to forgive oneself. We can only describe how it is for us and do our best not to place blame or shame. So you see, life isn’t simple. One thing is for certain: Perfection is subjective and we are Perfect for all that we are, good and bad, right and wrong, light and shadow. When we release the judgement and perceive everything just as it is, we experience peace. 

It is the Shadow that bestows us with the greatest gifts. When we are faced with something, there is always space for Inspiration, we become resourceful. Inspiration gives us strength, it gives us wings. We are then able to focus on Solution, solve the problem at hand. Next thing you know, we become the people we are, strong, resilient, perhaps it propels us to help others overcome adversity. That is why I am passionate about the Areti Goddess Events!

Great News! The first Event has now been scheduled for February 4, 2018, to be followed by regular Events on all the Areas Self Worth Impacts! For more details go to https://www.facebook.com/events/1738501119789700/ and Buy your Ticket now, as we have limited numbers! I will be launching the Areti Goddess Events with the most Important Speech of my Life so don’t miss it ok? Focussed on Self Worth and Image, the First Event is jam-packed full of Goodies for You! With Accelerated Results, our Experts will treat you with NLP, Fashion, Makeup and skincare, with amazing Giveaways, makeovers, whilst you are Entertained in the most Beautiful Venue, Legion House, a Heritage listed Building in Sydney! Awesome!

Can’t wait to see you there! 

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With Love and Light Always,