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ames Liotta, performer extraordinaire boasts About The Truth About Acting

The Truth About Acting is the Only book in this Genre of its kind.  

Ever dream of becoming an Actor and didn’t know how? Wonder what the life of an Actor is truly like? Are you obsessed with acting and out of balance? Do you get depressed when the phone doesn’t ring, waiting for your agent to call? Suffer from anxiety, negative beliefs, depression? Do you have addictive tendencies? Do you give up when things don’t go your way? Do you wake up feeling there is something wrong in the morning? Do you procrastinate? Do you feel better or lesser than others? Are you struggling to make ends meet whilst you pursue your acting career?

You are not alone! There is help and its here now! That is why I wrote this book, so that I can help you transform your journey! I wish nothing less than your Amazing Success! My Truth, My Story, Your Secret Weapon.

The Truth About Acting is a Practical Career Guide, based on specific real life examples from auditions, commercials, television, theatre, film making and other creative projects, it gives you all the career Do’s and Dont’s,  Certainty over Doubt and Your Secret Weapon to Revolutionise your Career and your Life! It gives you the tools to become a Deliberate Creator of Your Dream and Your Life. It covers themes like addictions, anxiety and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sharing very personal information for your benefit. You will learn how to lead a holistic life and be able to apply all the tools  I share with you from years of experience straight away.


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How both Heaven and Hell are right here on earth and in our minds. The human journey varies from person to person. Some things however, we may be sure of, as certain as we are of taxes. Regardless of religious or cultural belief, geography or conditioning, humans experience similar feelings and it has little to do with the situation at hand. It is my humble opinion that we experience heaven and hell right here on earth and in our very own minds. We also have the gift of choice. Which would you choose?



We are a nation of chest breathers! As children we breathe correctly naturally. As we become adults however, we are taught to stand up straight, breathe and exhale, blowing out air, gradually breathing into our chest more and more. Believe it or not, that is harmful to us. How many of us forget to breathe completely? Anxiety sufferers find it very difficult to breathe. What do we do when stressed? forget to breathe. Nervous? forget to breathe. There is a right and a wrong way of breathing and so many good reasons to breathe correctly. Once I share what they are, you will want to practice your breathing until it becomes second nature.



We may be adept in other areas of life. We have it down pat! When it comes to relationship however, most of us seem to fall down. All we need do is look at Divorce rates. We can find ourselves in so many situations, dealing with addictions, abuse, adultery or worse. Oh the path of Love! Many of us equate love with pain. Is that really love?



As Power Women we have control of our career, diet, exercise, lifestyle, we are in fact so adept in life. As women our nature is to nurture. When it comes to relationship however, most of us seem to fall down. Divorce rates are staggering. So what are some of the situations we can find ourselves in? Some of us seem to be beacons for troubled men with major issues like addiction for example. We go into rescue and find ourselves bereft at the end of it. Some of us attract men who cannot commit and wonder why. Some of us are in marriages resembling hell. There is arguing, misunderstanding, sometimes even violence. This can wear at our self- esteem to such a degree that we begin to blame ourselves! Worse, these situations can render us powerless to leave. After all, perhaps we have children to consider.



When we experience Inspiration our minds overflow with creative ideas and we feel a sense of wellbeing! Day in day out, we tend to fall into the same routine, a little like Groundhog day. We are busy, racing, fitting more and more into our Super Woman Calendar, so lets just stop and take a deep breath right now. Where did all the fun go? How do we experience Inspiration?



A challenging question no doubt for many of us when things go wrong. Seeing an obstacle as an opportunity is probably the last thing we think about right? How much more can we take after all? Our partner is unfaithful, we find out our child is using drugs perhaps. Our car breaks down when we are in a hurry, we lose our keys, we have an accident, we are about to present to a major client and lose our voice, we find ourselves with nothing from one day to the next. We strive to succeed and our health lets us down. The examples are endless. We all have our own story and definition for obstacles, yet we all know what they are and we all experience them! The greater the obstacle however, the greater the opportunity!



They say stress is a killer! Stress and Anxiety however are slightly different conditions. Where stress is circumstantial and passing, anxiety doesn’t subside and can often have little cause or reason. The impact on life can be immense, rendering one unable to cope with simple everyday events. In fact, most of us are said to wake up every morning feeling there is something wrong.



Some days are like beating our heads against a brick wall, days we just don’t want to get out of bed, everything feels bleak no matter how sunny a day is or how much joy surrounds us. All we hear ourselves think is bleak and negative. So how do we turn it around and make a choice to have a great day instead? Here are some Simple Tips to Happiness to bring the bounce back into your day!



Do you ever feel the ground disappear under you when you have to open your mouth to speak in public? Does your body and voice shake? Do you stop breathing, get dizzy, and feel anxious? You are NOT ALONE! In fact, public speaking is rated as one of the top two fears people have. Can you guess what the other is? Other people! Allow me to conquer that one first. What do people care about the most? Believe it or not, themselves! Knowing that immediately frees one from seeking approval. There is no need for that fear. Of course knowing that and absorbing it organically are two distinct things. Hence Stage Fright!