Dear Friends,

Here is a Preview of my Book for you, My Truth About Acting! You can buy it on my site. I hope you enjoy it!

Life is not a rehearsal; we only have one chance at it. My name is Tula Tzoras and I am a working Actor, TV Presenter, Director and Producer. I have spent my adult life in the Entertainment Industry and if I was Given a choice right now, I wouldn’t change a thing. My journey as an Actor has been one of elation and despair. I have had Adventures, worked with incredible people, travelled to far cities and Toured to small towns. I have studied human nature and in turn my own Nature. To do that I have gone on a personal growth journey to Overcome my past limitations. This path has included becoming a Reiki Master, experimenting with other healing modalities like Chinese Medicine, re-birthing, energetic healing and taking part in inner child Workshops. I took courses in emotional intelligence and conflict Resolution. I also studied Buddhist meditation and completed a program On relationships. I have attended many Inspirational Seminars and Helped others however I could. I have read many books and practice Meditation daily. My path as an Actor has been deeply spiritual. The benefit of having such a varied personal education has been that I Have been able to take something from all these disciplines and develop My own philosophy. The most amazing gift however, has been learning Who I am, becoming authentic and learning how to love myself, Something all Artists need to do, because as Artists we live in Uncertainty. I have learnt to practice self-referral, which in my opinion Is the difference between heaven and hell and heaven and hell are right Here in our own brains. My decision to write this book was based on my motivation to share my Experience and knowledge, so that you too may move from doubt to Certainty, skip the trial and error I experienced and experience the Success you deserve even sooner. Lets start right now: Take deep, slow breaths… This book is written for the Artist in You. The Aim of this book is to sky rocket your success as an Actor, by Giving you a holistic, powerful perspective towards acting. This book Will empower you with your very own secret weapon. You will learn How to create the ideal formula for success. You will become a Deliberate creator of your dreams and find out how The Laws of Success Can transcend your experience as an Actor and put you in a state of Creative inspiration. So Breathe… “The Truth About Acting” is a career biography for professional and Personal development, because I believe your craft and your creative Self go hand in hand. Using examples from the various challenges that I Have faced and overcome in my own career, I will provide advice about The best response to those challenges. I will also canvas alternative Options in order to help you make the best choice for your career – and Your life, living in Certainty as a Creative Soul. Firstly, I will share specific examples from the Industry, in the hope That my experience will give you the insight to make good choices. Whilst my journey was one of trial and error and personal growth Spanning over a lifetime, you will have the opportunity to use the tools I Provide for you straight away. Then you will be given your own secret Weapon and the way to love auditions, rather than dread them! “The Truth About Acting” will prepare you in ways traditional training and Literature does not. It will provide you with a healthy blueprint for your Life as a whole, as you enjoy your creative expression. Millions of people want to be rich and famous – or at the very least in Some way glamorous. Fame is an attractive, addictive, albeit fickle Pursuit for many people. Let me stress the word Fickle! How many Stars have found peril paired with their loss of fame? If you choose to be an Actor or an Artist, do it because you love the work. Anything you do from the space of Love will always feed your Soul and line your pockets. I hope that all the thousands of young actors entering the market every Year can benefit from this realistic, yet supportive perspective on what It truly means to be an actor, a creative artist. Acting is a Life Choice. You may have heard the expression “Character Building” and it is. Acting is food for the soul, a journey into the heart of Humanity and imagination. A career in Acting is a true adventure, Taking one out of the mediocre in to an extraordinary way of being. It is Living in the magical world of possibility. Acting demands persistence, however. It requires attention to detail, Skill, imagination, vulnerability and hardness. The pursuit of truth in Acting is a lifelong endeavor and there is nothing more rewarding than ‘Nailing’ a character or a scene. To be an actor is to be rich and poor, Rejected and accepted, applauded and slammed by reviews. As an Actor We are the product we are selling, the brand. We must ask ourselves, would we buy us? Whilst most people will change careers or jobs a handful of times in Their life span, actors go through auditions and contracts constantly by The thousands. Competition in this industry is fierce and requires one to Be at the top of their game in every aspect of their being, whether it be Our craft, physicality, energy, health, or life in general. We are a Brand! In a lot of ways we are asked to be super human. Having said that, it is obvious that a sound education at an accredited Drama school is important. Support, both financial and emotional, is Crucial. Proper training and solid support structures pave the path to a Much easier passage into a career in acting. However, for many people, Those aspects are not always within reach. That is where I come in! Someone who has always been driven by blind ambition and Determination wrote “The Truth About Acting”. When I began my Journey towards my dream, I didn’t have the information I needed to Enter into the industry. It was the 80s! I’d enjoyed ballet and piano Lessons as a child and although I always knew I wanted to perform, I Didn’t have the tools to know how to go about it. I already knew I was a Chameleon having attended approximately ten schools and having had To fit in as an outsider every time. All I knew was “Persistence Beats Resistance”. That is how I began my career as an actor. I hope “The Truth About Acting” gives you an insight into the world of Acting and the potential impact it may have on your life. If my Experiences can assist you in avoiding pitfalls like overdoing things and Collapsing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, for instance, I will have Reached my goal. If you practice your Secret Weapon and become Deliberate Creators of your Dreams, I will be over the moon for you! Most importantly when you practice Self Referral and move from Uncertainty into Certainty, you will experience Heaven on Earth. Nothing would make me happier! I do hope you enjoy “The Truth About Acting “