The Areti Goddess Events are Entertaining and Empowering,  dedicated to Creating Leaders and Change Makers for our Future. Our mission is to Free Women to foster a Thriving Collaborative Economy with Accelerated healing Results. The Areti Goddess Events would like to partner with organisations and businesses sharing the same values, focus on solutions, are creative, innovative and kind, most of all Passionate about Women! Because WE ROCK!

The Areti Goddess Events are Essential with half of our middle- aged population facing uncertain times ( $8000 or less in Superannuation). 1 in 4 of us are abused in an intimate relationship and 55.8% of us are obese. At this moment, one third of our ageing female population is ageing in Poverty. Is this what our friends, mothers, sisters, daughters deserve?


 Each of the Areti Goddess Events addresses an area impacted by the Lack of Self Worth, our Number 1 Issue. They are a Journey with Events Scheduled at 10 week intervals. These areas include Image, Weight loss, Relationships, Body, Mind, Spirit, accessing Inspiration for Purpose, successfully applying for Work, Wealth Creation, Business Tools, Public Speaking, Pitching a Business Idea and so on. Every event eliminates Limiting Beliefs, with accelerated learning and Breakthrough results, whilst being fun, something we forget as we are burdened by responsibility. The elements designed for these events have the potential to grow nationally and globally. As Partners, you may like to collaborate on one, a few, or all of the Events! Everything is free for discussion.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  1. An ongoing media partnership
  2. Joined organisation of Events aligned in purpose
  3. Promotion of Your Initiatives
  4. Assistance with your Initiatives
  5. Your logo on all advertising and communication
  6. Access to our social followers
  7. Our time
  8. Profit Share
  9. Complimentary Tickets to Events for your Team
  10. Discounts for your Members
  11. Your logo on promotional material
  12. Your company presence at Events
  13. A Lifetime Advertisement in the Areti Goddess Handbook

Here’s How you Can Help in kind:

  1. Promote our Events, Products on your website, database, advertising and social media
  2. Share our Posts
  3. Help with Event Planning
  4. Marketing, Sales, PR, Print
  5. Graphic Design
  6. IT Support, creating a great online presence for the Areti Goddess Events
  7. Legal and Business Advice
  8. Photographers and Videographers
  9. Venues, printing, media coverage etc
  10. Catering and Champagne

Become a Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Crystal Sponsor:

  1. Diamond:  $31,000 +
  2. Gold :        $20,000 – $30,000
  3. Silver:       $10,000 – $19,000
  4. Bronze:    $5,000 – $10,000
  5. Crystal:    $2,500- $5,000

Here’s to Creating an Amazing future for women! 

Our Partners