Dear Friends hello! 

All systems are go to make The Modern Goddess Events happen ASAP for you! I am in conversation with Experts in various areas, ensuring all the very best is at your disposal and our ladies have everything they need to flourish with their inner Goddesses fully ignited and ready to go! You can click on this link to watch the video and find out what its all about!

Did you know that most of us awake feeling there is something wrong? Do you remember the last time you had fun or were truly free and happy? There are so many challenges we face as women and so many reasons I am creating this program to empower you. Right now, a third of our female ageing population lives in poverty. Half of our female population aged 45-59 has less than $8000 in Superannuation. Meanwhile we are still paid 16% less in full time employment compared to our male counterparts.

Isn’t time we claimed our Power and created a better future? 

I am in the process of looking for start up funding and Sponsors to make this happen. If you would like to support The Modern Goddess Events I appreciate your ideas. I have set up a Go Fund Me Campaign, here’s the link:

You are also welcome to join the Facebook Group for regular updates! Here’s the link for that:

Wishing you amazing Success! 

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