My dear friends a huge hello! I hope this finds you well and very happy! Today I write to you, having decided to start a CFS Support forum by sharing my experience and inviting comments from you. 

My journey started 14 years ago now and since then I have actively sought to master body, mind and spirit in an effort to cure chronic health problems. My collapse was preceded by doing the equivalent of two full time jobs and working on a humanitarian project to end poverty and suffering, which kept me up at night with ideas for a year. 

My mind and body collapsed. I became very sick for three months and they couldn’t diagnose me. When I felt a little better I went hell for leather again as a typical A Type personality and collapsed again, this time having to leave my home and everything I knew as my family took me home. It was the darkest time of my life. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time. I was diagnosed with CFS and told not to even consider working for at least a couple of years. The fact that it was a Centrelink doctor who told me that depressed me even more. 

I was unable to walk to the end of the street. Sleeping wasn’t the answer, I awoke with an empty battery every day. I was still obsessed with my humanitarian project and hated it when family would point out I needed to be better to help others. I launched into meditation, chinese medicine, acupuncture, everything I could think of. It was the first time I called Lifeline. I did this for the first few years, until I found a specialist who prescribed medication to me. I have been taking Dexamphetamine now for a decade and my goal is to stop taking medication! 

The Dexamphetamine helped me with energy and cognitive clarity so that I was able to function again. I was always painfully aware however that this energy wasn’t my own and hating medications I halved my dose. My pattern of doing too much and then crashing for a few days remained for a while. This was a journey learnt the hard way. I also suffered anxiety living a lifestyle of duress, through no fault of my own, which compounded my health issues.

As a performer I needed energy whether I was acting, presenting, MCing and that is when I relied on my medication. CFS is the most isolating, boring condition, rendering one unable to participate in life. Over the years I have worked on reducing anxiety and have now published articles published in Leaders in Heels and True Natural Health magazines. These are available for you on the Shop page. 

I also worked on my diet, suffering digestive and gut problems. I found the anti candida diet worked really well for me, I recommend it. You can google it quite easily… Eventually thanks to food poisoning that had me vomiting for a month, I became very sensitive to acid and moved to an alkaline diet. The best answer I found to my gut and brain fog and fatigue issues was THE PRIME! This book is written by Integrative Neurologist Kulreet Chaudhary M.D. and I highly recommend it for weight loss, addictions, disease etc. It combines Western medicine with Ayurvedic medicine healing the gut and the brain in 4 Stages. The program is in the book and you can google search that as well. I have successfully completed the program and I am staying on it! The best thing is you don’t have to change anything, you just add things! 

I now have a list of things I find extremely helpful and I will share them. It is imperative to reduce stress at all cost, to heal the nervous system and adrenal fatigue. That means lifestyle, meditation, yoga and healing. Yoga is beneficial in many ways. It encourages breathing, great for stress, releases cellular memory of trauma, works on the organs as well as strength and flexibility. When you are able to reduce stress, you also have the opportunity to work on your cognitive mind, changing your thought patterns to positive. There are so many elements that come into play. The gift in this condition is learning to listen to your body and love yourself. 

At the end of the day we can only do our best with what we have. I welcome your comments and hope that in sharing our experiences we can support each other in our journey to health and wellbeing! 

Love and Light,