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About Tula

Tula Tzoras the Inspiration Genie is the Author of  THE TRUTH ABOUT ACTINGwhich is Tula’s second e-book and an even more powerful career and life guide, as it merges acting with spirituality to provide readers with certainty over doubt and propel them to success. It is jam packed with Industry Do’s and Dont’s, drawn from real examples, even step by step instructions on building your own website and Industrial Affairs! Since releasing her book, Tula has had several articles published in various magazines including Leaders in Heels, The Ripple Effect Magazine, True Natural Health Magazine on subjects including Visualisation, Inspiration, Tips for Happiness, Conquering Stage Fright and so on.

Tula Tzoras has spent all her adult life on a personal Growth journey, a passion that originated from her choice of career, creative mind,  coupled with her experience with anxiety, anorexia, CFS and other obstacles life has to offer, like attending around 10 schools, moving house more than most, going from rags to riches and back, overcoming abuse. Obstacles which she has overcome, grown from and dealt with using her inspiration. Tula will say they have been her greatest teachers.

On that journey,  Tula became a Reiki Master, did inner child workshops, rebirthing, homeopathy, kinesiology, hypnosis and therapy, inspirational seminars, a lot of reading and reasearch. Her interest in bettering herself has resulted in a life long study and practice. She continued, doing courses in emotional intelligence and conflict resolution, completed 2 years in a course for relationships, studied Buddhism under Songyal Rinpoche, the Author of “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” and has become a huge advocate for the Spiritual Laws of Success and meditation. Her latest study is in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

And that is how THE INSPIRATION GENIE was born!

Tula has now launched her one on one Coaching as well as Courses to Unleash Your Full Expression whether you would like to publish a book, create your website, go out on a Speaking Circuit, however your Inspiration leads you!The best thing is you will have the Lifestyle you LOVE at the same time, basking in the rewards you receive for expressing your passion!

Tula’s varied corporate, entertainment and mind set background gives her the tools to Coach People individually, catering to unique talents and needs.  Tula has  experience in the Corporate Arena both public and private, having experience in HR, Sales, Events, Corporate Role Play etc. Her business skills extend to online marketing and promotion, website creation, book publishing. She has years of Public Speaking experience. Her skill set is diverse. Her way of Coaching is Unique ! She will cater your Coaching to You,  regardless of what you do, sharing her own modern philosophy and mindset tools! Just Click on this link for details!


Tula is on a mission to Empower Actors and Artists by offering Industry advice, most of all however, by creating entrepreneurs, switching both sides of the brain on. Since working online Tula has discovered a World of possibility for Actors and Artists to Create unique Brands, do what they love and be rewarded for it! She is now able to share those skills. Tula also focusses on the Actor’s Creative Self on the premise that an Actor’s inner life is directly aligned with an Actor’s work and Brand. 

Tula’s E-Books and approach to coaching  is unique, as Tula combines practical tools with a holistic approach and arms Actors with their own Secret Weapon and the Spiritual Laws for Success, so that they may build a strong sense of self and Thrive! (More details on Buy the Book Page)

Tula Tzoras has spent her adult life in the media and entertainment industry.

Tula has worked primarily as an Actor, as well as TV Presenter on Networks 7,9,10 and TVSN, Presenting Advertorials and  Hosting Psychic TV. In 2013 she co-produced a TV Pilot, My Australia and a Corporate Film (Metropolitan Demolitions Group) for online release. In addition to that she has also Presented on both those projects. Tula loves Presenting.

Tula also has experience as a  Radio Producer and Announcer for Artichoke 2SER, Voice Over Artist, Writer, Director, and Producer.

Tula Tzoras has written, directed, produced and performed in  short films for festivals including Tropfest, including She Saw the Seesaw( a Tropfest finalist), Party PoopTill Death Do Us PartHooked at the Steki and Touch ups with Tula.  She has also produced live entertainment and film screening events and helped produce many other short films.

Her television credits include Life Support, Water Rats, Just Kidding, Police Rescue, GP, A Country Practice, As The Bell Rings, Neighbours, The Union Organiser, The Comedy Company, The Ham Factory, Me and My Monsters, Offspring and more.

Her film credits include The Venus Factory, The Seventh Floor, Talk as well as over 20 short films for festivals.

Her theatre credits include Grounds for MarriageThe Vagina MonologuesThe Great Divide, Parthenon Air, A Rich Woman’s Lament, Five Times Dizzy, The Vermonts, Tony and Tina’s Wedding, Therapy, New Balls Please, A Sporting Chance, Gun Play (Gun Control Theatre Action).

Tula has also appeared in many commercials, having attended thousands of castings over time!  She has appeared in corporate films and has experience in presenting both for television and live events. Some of the commercials include, Dulux, Dettol, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, GST, Lipton’s Tea, Sweat hog, RTA, SimmonsPoise, Comvita and many more.

In 2010 Tula created and produced TOUCH UPS WITH TULA as well as performing in it. A series of five short comedy eps were made and they are on You Tube now, touching up Tottie Goldsmith, Rob Morgan, Fiona Scott Norman, Kevin Grise, John Beland and Graham Harvey, with her Stylists to the Stars, Magic Mike and Bronny, finding out all the nitty gritty! Very politically incorrect.

Tula is also the Creator of The Crazy Crusader, a humanitarian project in development for the last few years, with the kind mentors at Freehand Television. Tula has a vision and purpose for all humanity to move to a more practical, sustainable, humane, community driven future. See The Crazy Crusaders Facebook Page!

Tula has created concepts for several TV shows and she is in the process of pitching them, including a half hour version of TOUCH UPS WITH TULA!

All Details of TV Concepts up for Grabs on the Projects Page!