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Tula is an Actor and Presenter, appearing on Networks 7,9,10, SBS, and TVSN and in many top-rated shows, Commercials, Theatre, Film since 1987

Areti Goddess Events

The Biggest Issue We Face is that of Self Worth. It seeps into Every Area Of Life. Tula Tzoras has Integrated her experience in Entertaining, Empowering and Educating to Produce a Series of Events addressing Different Areas, to Free You from limitation so that you can Ignite Your Unique Inner Goddess and be All of who you Really Are, Free! Empowering, Transformational, Fun and Entertaining as much as these Events are Educational! They are Something Else!

Author Speaker

Tula Tzoras is the Author of The Truth About Acting, has had articles published in Leaders in Heels, True Natural Health, The Ripple Effect magazines on Visualisation, Inspiration, Obstacles to Inspiration, Heaven or Hell, Breathing, Anxiety, Simple Tips for Happiness, Relationships, How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking etc and these are now available for sale in the Shop. Tula’s Signature Speeches include The Truth About Acting, How to Conquer Stage Fright for Public Speaking and Transforming Obstacles to Inspiration. For a full list of Topics Read More. 

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