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I have had a diverse journey including the entertainment industry, the corporate arena and the mind set realm. I have been bestowed with some incredible challenges and amazing opportunities for growth. I am grateful for an extraordinary life; the ability to form and share my own philosophy and tools to help others. That is what I am most passionate about and that is my purpose.

I am now combining my experience a a Performer with the tools I have to share to help you Unleash your Full Expression in Speaker Training and become Super Rich, whether you are an actor, public speaker, someone who has to present, train or simply express something in front of others. I combine my performance skills with some very powerful mindset tools to set you free!

With articles published on Visualisation, Inspiration, Tips for Happiness, as an example,  in various publications since the release of my book I am now bringing it all to the Corporate Arena . I have completed training in conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, relationships; I have experience in the Corporate Arena both public and private from a HR, Sales, Events, Corporate Role Play and Team Leader perspective.  I am  now bringing those tools to business. I am available for Speaking Engagements on subjects like attaining high productivity and morale, communication, performance and presentation, getting the best out of the worst or Breathing for Success and Conquering Stage Fright.

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If you follow my Blog, you will notice I always bring information to you as soon as I receive it. I like to share with you and welcome your comments. I try to help!

Just Do it!  The Truth About Acting  will give you Certainty over Doubt and the tools to create your Career and Life by design. It will bring you inspiration, practical Industry information and joy!

I just read your book Tula. Thank you for sharing your story and the lessons you learnt, it’s very inspirational and it gives peace about the meaning of the all the chaos surrounding us. I’ve felt compelled to your story of Chronic fatigue syndrome. Florence Kermet, former Student ACTT.

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You may choose to engage me in a fab project or all of the above! It’s all about having Fun! I love what I do and I look forward to connecting with you.


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